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Books symbolize wisdom, science, and doctrine. So do the greatest of them: Homer's "The Odyssey" or Ovid's "Metamorphoses". But even the skillfully written novel is doomed to be a deliberate game of hints parallels, and echoes, and one word can prove to be decisive for its development. In some Holy Grail legends, the knights quest not for the chalice, but for the book and the lost word. In a painting of St. John, the disciple is depicted as being submerged in the Book of Revelation. The artist creates an atmosphere of absorption in the book with the flat paper person and soft transitions from the ochreous to blue and dark blue colors. A metaphor "person," the bookmark in the painting can signify the obtained word of revelation so essential for the person lost in the modern "information noise" of mass communication.


It’s easy to get lost

In an ocean of paper

And to miss that single word

That a writer has mined

From the bottom of the human heart

Like a diver

Who discovers a shimmering pearl on the ocean’s bottom

Hidden away from human eyes

That would behold its beauty.

This is the world of truth

Or, maybe a phrase

Noted with a bookmark,

Which is like a light for the traveler at night

Or like a sail for those

Who lose hope at sea.

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