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Still Life with Mandolin


Music influences a person in a magic way getting him to seek the sources of this influence in divine. The great German astronomer Johannes Kepler who discovered the laws of planetary motion was looking for a harmony in heaven. He recorded a sheet of heavenly music (“Music of the Spheres”) based on the movement of various planets. The painter creates his own artistic world populating it with heavenly spheres playing melodies, orbiting cosmic stations “dancing” to a wonderful waltz of Johann Strauss (as Stanley Kubrick in his famous science fiction film “2001: A Space Odyssey’), etc. His artistic thought draws into its orbit some old concepts full of poetry, for example Columbus’ opinion that the Earth was pear-shaped. He affirmed that the bulging part of it represented the site of the terrestrial paradise. Based on this theory the artist creates an image of the Paradise Pear Playing Music of the Spheres before the landscape with horses. Its heavenly prototype is the harmony uttered by the movement of an imaginary pear-like planet.

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