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Captain Drake's Pipe 18x24.jpg

Captain Drake's Pipe


16.5" x 22"


The setting is the historical moment of defeat for the Great Spanish Armada (130 ships) sent by the King of Spain to the shores of Britain to settle, once and for all, the claims of the English to naval supremacy.

It is August 8, 1588, the English Channel, North Atlantic and we can imagine what it was like onboard the ship of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's 'chief privateer' Francis Drake. Before the final battle off the coast of England a number of old sea dogs have gathered here to confer together.

Having listened to what other captains had to say, the pirate in charge would take over exclaiming: "I've heard you out, now it's my turn and I say the fight is on tomorrow!" And he banged his fist on the table, fingers still gripping the favorite pipe, hand assuming its shape.
At that moment each of them remembered the women they left behind at home in England.

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