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Abandoned Dwellings


Life is leaving old dwellings.  The ancient river of life has dried up, desert sand still keeping the traces of its streams.  A shell, brought by the river, is empty.  Even the Sphinx silently left its place alongside the pyramids.  The Moon appears in the sky, a frozen sphere, abandoned by its inhabitants, perhaps, millions of years ago.


The campfire has gone to ashes and darkness is impending.  The caravan hurries to other towns where the light of warm dwellings shines, where the river of life has not yet run dry.


This is a key moment.  Remaining alone with the indifferent cold Cosmos, man looks for a foothold in the world.  He understands that he ought to renounce his naïve beliefs in the invincible power of matter and fill his life questing for spirituality.


Note the symbolism of the geometric figures in the painting.  The circle and the spiral are symbols of perfection, symbols of the Cosmos, while the triangle represents "Heaven - Sky - Lower World", or "Body - Mind - Soul."

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