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High Tea


Whilst enjoying Least Concern status, the Bald Eagle’s habitat is still being destroyed and they are being forced further and further away from human habitation.  Mating for life, should an eagle lose it’s mate it will look for another.  Whilst the Bald Eagle might produce up to 3 or 4 eggs in the wild, rarely do more than one chick survive to fledgeling.  With the largest of the habituated nests, Bald Eagles add to it each year, some of them reaching a huge size, in old wood trees.  Sometimes choosing a fish a little large , the Bald Eagle cannot detach it’s claws from the prey, so the only hope they have is to fight against the surface tension, weight and strength of the fish to bring it proudly home to the family.  High Tea traditionally is a beautiful collection of cakes and pastries in the evening, but also includes a protein such as fish, as opposed to Afternoon Tea which is composed of light finger foods, sandwiches and scones. Enjoying a room with a view for their sustenance, the Bald Eagle has the perfect position from on high to survey it’s kingdom and watch incredible sunsets, whilst supping on their High Tea!

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