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A Time to Reflect


Oil, Phosphorescence & Rare Earth Elements Painting

30" x 24"

You are looking at one painting. The top image is how you would enjoy it during the day.  However it absorbs light through the day, so in the evening it will illuminate as shown in the bottom photograph.  Cool? Cool!


M 78 is a star forming reflection nebula. It was discovered in 1780. It is a part of the Great Orion Molecular Cloud complex found in the Orion constellation. It is just north east of the easternmost star in Orions belt and is approximately 1350 light years away. 

The Great Orion Molecular Cloud complex is composed of many notable nebula; the iconic Orion nebula, the Horse Head nebula, Banards Loop, the Flame nebula, the waterfall nebula, just to name a few.

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