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Shaman's Last Journey.jpg

Shaman's Last Journey


25.5" x 31"

A group of the Piegan Nation had lived in their settlement in the northern great plains, having their resident 'Shaman', or 'Medicine Man', as did most of the settlements of that time. This Shaman had been with that settlement for many years, longer than any of the people could remember. They grew up from childhood and the Shaman always remained the same as he healed people, conducted ceremonies and rites, and predicted future events.

 The years went past and still he remained as their old healer who never aged. He was seen collecting pieces of wood and bits of rope and leather that the people wondered about, but he stayed to himself and was available to the people as they needed him. He was seldom seen around the settlement unless there was the ill or the injured to tend to, and would vanish again after helping. Being followed one time by some of the young braves, they found his abode and the project he was working on; a long wooden sled of small trees tied together with sinew, and adorned with carvings and strange symbols. A large seat was in the center, and many feathers of the eagle and the hawk were tied to the structure, as well as a bison skull sitting at the curved end. He was was able to lift the structure without touching it, and the boys marveled at this. The Shaman noticed the boys, and swore them to secrecy about his sculpture. Soon afterward, the Shaman vanished, leaving behind only a young man that he had been grooming to fill his absence.

The Shaman went to travel among the stars, and I like to think that he went in style, as I have painted him.

Charles Frizzell

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