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"Fleet of foot, sadly this beautiful yet solitary creature is not fast enough to escape man, and being solitary the gene pool is not wide… the grass seeds blowing and dispersed across the arid plains, she has but a fleeting presence in this world.  As with those precious things, sometimes a fleeting glimpse crystallises a thought or memory in our minds….seen one minute….gone the next - leaving a sense of something very special and precious.  We try to catch hold of those fleeting thoughts, images, experiences, sometimes we miss, they are simply too fast. If we try very hard, sometimes we can hold onto those treasured moments, protect them for ourselves and for the future.  Instead of sprinting through our lives, confused as to which way to turn, we could take a leaf from this beautiful cat, save our stamina for those most important times, focus on our goal, and unleash all our power to accomplish it…and maybe….like those grass seeds….when the nourishing rain comes, she and we will prevail. "  

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