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The Guardian of Truth


My name is Monte Zufelt and I'm going to tell you about my sculpture, The Guardian of Truth.

It was over ten years in the making from concept to the completed sculpture that you now see.


Within the cast of this metal is my own personal journey over centuries of time. A journey of remembrance that continues to unfold as it does with most of us whether we realise it or not. The remembrance of who we really are and why we came to this world called earth.


I will begin by explaining the Angelic light symbols that are engraved on all sides of the obelisk.  The light symbols were given to me by an Angel, specifically to be given to humanity as the message of The Guardian.  The symbols on the left and right sides of the obelisk read from top to bottom and were translated to me in these exact words: Truth. Remembrance. Knowledge. Wisdom. Light. Formlessness. And Love.


The tapered helix itself is symbolic of the Kundalini (energy) and of infinity itself. As I was working in my studio I realised that the translated sentences correlated exactly to the seven word symbols. These are the seven steps to the ascension of the soul as told to me by the Angel himself. Atop the obelisk you see the winged Angel, the emissary of god.


He wears a necklace with a sapphire jewel at the heart chakra. The light bridge to all dimensions. The compulsion to create the wings of fire like the phoenix bird is represented in the 5th symbol "to rise above again and again"  as humanity has risen from its own ashes, time and time again.


At the tips of the jeweled swords is the eight point star that is also jeweled with diamonds. The Angel explained the design of the star is the same as that of a map, and that The Guardian is a dimensional guide to the seven steps of the ascension of the soul. The illuminated star also representing the ethereal radiance of our very being.


During the productivity of The Guardian I was strongly compelled to go deeper within its message. I would not and could not, come forward with what I am now sharing  until I had a experienced the truth of The Guardian for myself.

My path led me into shamanism and I trained in the Amazon rain forests of Peru utilizing ancient practices. I eventually cleared the darkness of my own personal hell that had tormented me for many years.


Continuing on, I found my way through the dimensional Star Gate of my own heart Chakra into the fantastic celestial inner realms of the other universes. The realms of heaven. This level of experience is represented in the 5th symbol - Light - to rise above.


Many times in my dimensional travels I have been met there by Angels. Within those experiences and conversations the confirmations have been consistent and without contradiction. Humanity is now in the midst of the greatest evolutionary leap in the history of the world and millions of us are feeling it very strongly. The Guardian of Truth is the trumpet call of the Angels and a message from the universe confirming that fact.


The Guardian of Truth…


is our creator's invitation to remember who we really are and stand in the magnificent radiance of our eternal being.

Monte Zufelt

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