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Infinity Trail


A sea is a metaphor of boundless infinity and when the fields are ready for harvest, the wind gently moves among the crops creating a wave-like ripple. As the poet says: "the sea of wheat is swaying, a vast expanse of gold."
Imagination has no limits, it is letting us in on the world of indistinct yearnings of the soul, and to describe it we have to deploy a paraphrase or a metaphor - the only way we can capture an elusive reality.
The artist has to set up a trap for the imperceptible through a conventional image. He is at pains to get as close as possible to a certain Mystery and there is a feeling of unrest as he approaches it.
A road and infinity - here are the two seemingly incompatible notions, and yet they can be brought together by abandoning everyday reasoning for the projective geometry that uses an infinite straight line where parallels merge. Accepting its existence, the artist accepts it as an artifact. 
In the painting we see a girl walking along the endless road in the midst of the sea. She motions her hand as if to tame the waves so they would let her pass. This reminds us of the story in the Bible.
The Book of Exodus tells us how, when God made the waters part, the people, led by Moses, were miraculously able to cross the Red sea, walking through on the dry land. The Egyptians rushed after them, but their cavalry was swallowed up by the mass of returning waters, and they all perished together with the Pharaoh.

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