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In the Web of Bliss

By Vladimir Kush

12" x 16"

Oil on Board

We are all used to the image of a spider lying in wait for the next victim somewhere in the corner of his network-web. Imagine now a mellow sated one, more likely to be nodding off in a blissful repose than engaging in the drama of hunting for the flies: look at him enjoying the sunset, putting his feet up comfortably in a hammock of a web over which he toiled during the day – an idyll!

Compare this painting to an earlier work by the artist – the Shine of Gold, where the ‘worldwide Spider’, blinding people with the glitter entraps them in his perilous ‘golden web’. The beast however prefers not to reveal himself until the prey approaches. 

Note also that ‘world wide web’ is a symbolic reference to the internet – a network encompassing every aspect of human knowledge. 

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