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Winged Bridge.jpg

Winged Bridge

By Vladimir Kush


There are two bridges in the painting. One bridge is the rainbow, the creation of nature, connecting the Earth and Heaven. According to the ancients, the souls of the fallen warriors on the rainbow are on the bridge, on their way to heaven.


The second bridge connects two shores and, as we see, is made of butterflies. It can also be called a “rainbow bridge”. It is known that the colors of the rainbow appear when the sunlight is refracted while penetrating the scales of the butterfly wings. Butterflies, as an emblematic symbol of the human soul, can be seen in different parts of the World. Jesus Christ holding the butterfly in his palm symbolizes the resurrection.


The worker bees definitely took a big part in the construction of the magic Bridge.


Symbolism of the images in the painting:


Worker Bees: Symbol of hard work. It is known that the hexagon shape of the cells is determined by minimalizing the wax material spent. Honey is always sweeter on the other side.


Sky: The curtain of heaven, which moves, revealing the miracles on the Earthly stage. Caterpillar on tracks and the Beecycle: Symbolizes the slow-paced movement and a fast ride.


Bridge: Connects the two shores or two notions, standing apart from each other. Metaphor is also a bridge…


Butterfly: The symbol of beauty and free flight (the trajectory of its flight could not be figured by scientists).


Bridge of Butterflies: Connects two contradicting notions: free flight and bonding to the Earth. The beauty can connect things, seemingly far off from each other, at first glance.

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