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Open World


Limited Edition Print Giclee on Canvas
28" X 25"
Edition size: 188

“Magic Box” is a Soviet musical cartoon made by Valery Ugaroy in 1976 and based on the fairy tale “Little Sufflebox Town” by Russian poet Vladimir Odoeysky.

A boy looks at an old music box with an image of a tiny stage on the lid. His father says that in the past, when the box was turned on, little figurines started dancing on that stage, but then something happened and the box stopped playing. He leaves the boy to solve the mystery of what went wrong.

Left on his own, the boy thinks that if only he could be small enough to get inside the box, he would find the wind-up mechanism and discovers a whole new world.


The world is presented as a magic box with clouds moving across the blue sky contained in the lid. The primeval earth appears in the compartment below, at a stage when mountains were formed and the thin layer of atmosphere enveloped the planet before the creation of life. The box itself is embedded in black cosmic space that offsets the tiny space of the lid emanating blue light, life giving and divine. The color blue is associated with infinity. In Christian tradition, it is often connected to the Virgin Mary and Christ, in Greek-to Zeus and Hera, in Hindu-to Indra and Vishnu

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