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For the Love of Wine

by Rahileh Rokhsari

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, instead only transformed.

The glass of red wine is symbolic, as it is often shared between those who wish to sit down to exchange views and ideas.

At the base level, as with the swirling of the wine, energy starts with chaotic movement. However, as the wine reaches upward in the glass gaining momentum, the artist uses this moment as a metaphor.


The Whirling Dervishes of Turkey are spiritual Dancers. They start their meditation with prayer, then go into a meditative state and begin to whirl in place with one hand pointed toward the heavens and the other toward the earth becoming the conduit between the two realms.


In Rahileh's paintings, the wine rises from the chaos to the sublime, and to show this, we see the Dervish in full rapture as he ascends toward the light.

"The Light" is personal and emotional. To many it is our journey through life, trying to be the very best that we can be. To respect and to be respected. To love and to be loved. Everybody in truth, wishes to bathe in The Light whatever that may mean, and however that may translate to the individual.

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