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Morning Blossom

16" x 12.5"

  • Flowers and love – this is a frequent subject for artists of all times.

  • The spreading expanse of the valley with a winding river bend and the soft, pastel tones of the painting waft the dream of dolce far niente (blissful idleness) on the lap of a morning landscape that is so reminiscent of Italy.

The flower, as it opens up its petals, embodies the blossoming love of the couple, as they make their home in the bud.

In other paintings, the artist symbolically places lovers in a confined space, such as the shell of a walnut (Walnut of Eden) or the petals of a flower (Across the Mountains and Into the Trees).

Here, however, the horizons expand, and it seems that love itself flows from the blossoming bud. Its warm radiance blesses, as it were, and animates everything around it: the mountains and valley, the river and meadows, and the clumps of trees in the distance. Life and nature enter into a holy matrimony with each assimilating the other. In its features, the amphitheater of the mountains mirrors the cup of the flower, the human figures morph into the petals of the bud.

At the same time, the artist's dovetailing of foreground and background imparts something monumental to the morning flower, turning it into a living sculpture that towers against the backdrop of the mountains.

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