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 God of the Sun to the ancient Egyptians, represents light, warmth and growth, all the necessities for life.  Ra created Tefnut (goddess of rain) and Shu (god of wind), whom he ruled.  Represented by the falcon, it is only fitting that this incredible bird who is desperately trying to maintain a foothold in Man’s world, should be one of the world’s flying masterpieces, capable at flying at over 300kph (200mph) when in stoop (dive), the Peregrine Falcon is the world’s fastest creature.


Their calls can be heard echoing in the canyons of both wilderness and cities, that fierce eerie high-pitched ‘kaaaa ka ka ka’ evoking the feeling of ultimate freedom.  It’s name means ‘stranger’ due to it’s migratory habit.  Endangered due to pesticides and habitat loss, the Peregrines mate for life and so have much to teach us of life, love and persistence.

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