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Sacred Source

New Release by Charles Frizzell

Water is life to the two legged, the four legged, to all that swim and crawl and fly, and to all children of our Mother the Earth..


Our Mother the Earth comes forward as Bear Woman, bringing water to earth in her sacred bowl that carries this precious liquid for everyone and everything on this earth. She is protecting it, and giving it to the women, for they nurture life, birth, growth, and the connection of humans to the earth. She is assisted by the Moon, for the moon influences all water on our Mother. She and the Moon have come from the depths of the cosmos, as did all things on Earth, and over a great period of time have created all life here; life that needs water. Water has shaped this Earth in it's mountains, valleys, creatures, and plants.


The Mother protects the sacred source of this bowl, and pours it's shining fluid into the small lake in a steady stream. One woman that is all women, is standing there in the stream at the opening of the mysterious cave of deep time. The lake has an outlet for the growing flow, as other women and children enjoy the water, the peace, and the place.


The glyphs on the stony upper background tell of the ancient visitors and happenings on this earth. This becomes the warmth of a sky as the backdrop for the desert, the distant landscape, and the blooming plant life. Our Mother Earth is alive, fertile, and always changing. Her waters sustain life as we know it, and we honour our Mother by protecting these waters.

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