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Treasure Island


23.5" x 18"

  • Since the times of conquistadors Cortes and Pizzaro, people are in search of that fantasy

  • land of El Dorado where "rivers flow purer than silver" and mountains glisten with gold.

  • The worldwide popularity of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island, is one example.

  • On the other hand, there is that age-old drive to out-do Nature.

  • The medieval rulers of the East adorned their palaces with imitations of nature as a symbol of luxury.

  • One was reported to have a lake of mercury so that at night the radiance of themoon would be complemented by the glow of mercury.

  • Another put a tree with branches made of gold and silver in the midst of the courtyard pond.

  • The island depicted by the artist is not simply the "treasure island" we all know, it is itself a treasure. We see flowers and plants shooting forth with jewels, mountains made of silver, and a sea of sapphire. The symbol of this artificial world – a gold coin repeated in the wings of the metal butterfly – shines dimly on the horizon.

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