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By Grand Design

Oil, Phosphorescence & Rare Earth Elements Painting

24" x 24"

You are looking at one painting. The top image is how you would enjoy it during the day.  However it absorbs light through the day, so in the evening it will illuminate as shown in the bottom photograph.  Cool? Cool!


The northern Pinwheel Galaxy, M101 has been fascinating stargazers since 1781. It is found in the Ursa Major constellation. it is just above of the first two stars of the handle of the Big Dipper. it twenty five million light years away from us. Yet it is so bright that in a good dark sky it can be seen with just binoculars. It's also one of the largest images Hubble has captured. it is a composite of fifty one different exposures over a ten year period. it is nearly twice the diameter of the Milky Way. A fun fact. A super nova was observed within an outer arm region on August 2011. It was the youngest super nova ever observed before. It was as bright as 2.5 billion suns.

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