Debra Lynn - Bio

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I am fascinated with light. It transforms all it touches; whether that light is billions of miles away or minutes from our sun. I find the light found in the heavens above us to hold the greatest fascination of all. It reminds me of the phenomenon that we are all but stardust and that I am privileged to be a part of something so much greater than myself.

It evokes an awe and wonder of all that it can be. It calls to be painted and must be shared. I desire to inspire others to look up into the vast cosmos and know, they too, are a part of the grand design that is still forming in this moment.

Deborah was born into a military family that awarded her the privilege to travel the world. Through those experiences, she learned the world is indeed bigger than her own backyard. As a child she spent time in the Mojave desert where air and light pollution had yet to obscure the grand beauty of the night sky. It allowed for an unfettered view of the milky way that is rarely experienced in the world today.

This experience never left her. Life in Europe opened her eyes to the wonder of art. There she discovered she had a natural ability towards creative endeavours and began an incredible journey of exploration. Like her fascination with light in nature, the way artists use the juxtaposition of light and dark, enthralled her.

After many years of trial and error her art evolved into the place it is today; coming full circle to her first love, the night sky.

Deborah is one of only three artists in the world who paints Fine Art works of phosphorescent deep space. Her oil paintings are imbued with light that is absorbed during the day and released into the night. It is her desire, her paintings will inspire you to seek out places where you can also experience the awe and the wonder of the evening’s illumination. 



Deborah’s process of painting is inspired by the old Dutch Masters. She uses their technique of multiple layers of glazes to achieve rich vibrant colours that have life of their own. Her nebulous and galaxies can have up to 15 to 20 layers of glazes. Then she becomes her own alchemist as she creates her own phosphorescent paint from a strontium aluminate powder. This element is what absorbs the light during the day to release it through the night into your homes for your pleasure. The strontium aluminate is combined with europeine and creates the longest lasting photo luminescent phosphorescence, yet known.