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Forest Can-Can

by Vladimir Kush

  • In Paris Can-can dance is traditionally associated with a chorus line of female dancers, with vigorous manipulation of skirts. The fully open flowers symbolize the full emotions, candid and revealing dance expressed in the movement of the flowers.

  • The Waltz of the Flowers comes from the second act of the evergreen ballet The Nutcracker. In one of the whimsical moments in Tchaikovsky’s well-loved ballet, a string of beautiful flowers performs a dance. The mesmerizing music revives the hope that love, joy and happiness will be accompanying us for a long while.

  • In the Ancient Greece the Three graces represented everything that constituted the beauty and the attractiveness of life. They often escorted the winged god, Amour. They were invited to the beginnings of all celebrations so that they would bring festivity to those present.

  • Presented onstage is the conciseness of inspiration, it is the moment of a successful performance.

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