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Full Moon Games



This is a romantic image poeticizing the moon, the “icon-lamp” for lovers that lights up the nightly path. It is a symbol of glowing love amidst the darkness of routine life and, as a circle, the symbol of perfection, the fullest force:


Even the moon tensing its force,

Wants everyone to shiver

From the piercing words, my dear

~Sergey Esenin


The illusion of the love game is found in the expressive gestures of the man and the woman on the upper floors. In contrast, those on the lower floors indulge in the simple pleasures. It is believed that the moon influences people, enforcing their fantasies and causing them to forget reality.


The window here symbolizes the search for another virtual life and divides the two spaces, the two lives. The window also allows for communication and exchange of the “love sign” and a means of reuniting.

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