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Garden of Eden


The Garden of Eden, with its fantastic plants and trees, was destroyed and wiped away from the face of the earth by the ancient flood. Nobody knows if Noah’s Ark rescued such miraculous trees as the Tree of Knowledge or the Tree of Life … but here the waters have receded, and Noah’s ship has unloaded the life that was saved. Trees and flowers settle the Earth again, and somewhere in a secluded valley of the Paradise Mountains of the East, a New Eden has been born, accessible only to people with pure hearts full of love and faithfulness.


The main plant of Eden has grown in a distant corner of the garden in thick grass, hidden from immodest view. This place was veiled in mysterious twilight, as on the first day of creation. Therein were burning two lovely red leaves – hearts blossoming. Two figures arose from the flower stalks – the New Adam and Eve.

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