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Genealogy Tree


The painting represents the genealogical tree of the art of Vladimir Kush. While ascending the tree, we can trace the birth and the development of his images and ideas as well as their interconnectedness. On the lowermost tier cluster the sprouts; the poppy pod-cell, the blossoming horn of the gramophone and a heart plant with an arrow shoot. At the foot are scattered peculiar fruits that have fallen from the tree; the pear-mandolin and apples ready for billiard battles. The trunk became a dwelling for the mysterious Roman emperor Nero. He opens the atlas of the genealogical journey and invites us to sit down in a boat. Around on the branches hang a nest and blossoms of strange flowers and fruit; the dancing hibiscus, the walnut house and the pod with peas-oarsmen. Upper tiers are inaccessible to our sight. We only see the soul of Icarus flying up toward the sun and the arrow of time soaring through the sky.

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