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Rodd Ambroson - Bio

Evgeny Lushpin - Bio

Michangelo, DaVinci, Dutch Masters, Vermeer... They were all great painters of light. Visionairies who changed the way the world looked at art. And now, the torch has been passed.


Today,  a  new International "Master of Light" has emerged in the form of a Russian painter who's incredible photo-like paintings are so realistic viewers find themselves transported to world's they never could have imagined - and those they thought they knew by heart. His name is Evgeny Lushpin, and his paintings will transform the way you look at the world from the moment you first lay eyes on them.


Born outside  Moscow in 1966, and then educated in Russia's finest schools, Lushpin crafts lush masterpieces that transport viewers to the time and place of his choosing. From golden, unforeseen moments along hidden canals, to the warmth of a stately centuries-old European mansion, to  some of the world's most famous cities.


The paintings are so realistic, viewers  find themselves imagining the things they don't see as much as those that they do. Content villagers seeking out a familiar neighborhood pub. Loving families settling in for a night together. And the beauty of water and nature combining it all in to a symphony of light and harmony.


Like gorgeous visions from night dreams, Lushpin adds  larger than life features - and pinpoint details - to create a symphony of power and light that has attracted collectors of his priceless  originals the world over. Today, Lushpin offers the rare opportunity to own embellished prints from a recognized "Master of Light" who's value and price will surely increase as the years go by.

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