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Matrix of Love


For a long time, the artist turned to the theme of Love in his paintings and sculptures and finally reached the point where certain classification or "sorting out" became necessary. Alike human relationships, the "things" needed to be put on their own shelf. Similarly, Carl Linnaeus wrote his famous, "Systems of the World," which classified the natural world species, still in use today. Before 1705, the natural World dwelled in the chaos of multiplicity of discovered species.


Matrix is a set of distinctive features and attributes that defines the object itself. Matrix of Love is multiple manifestations of love, scrutinized by the artist (through the Eye), creating a story of love. It is a story of happy "moments" of love, its passion and stability, its mutual enrichment, the long duration of love letters exchanged and shortness of the most precious moments we wish would last forever. It is the "morning" of love and the "evening." It is the "spring" and "fall"....


  1. Love is born in the dark isolation of the Earth in the Amaryllis bulb, only to show the colors of Passion to the world in the magnificent flowers.

  2. The fruit of love is an enclosed space of a nutshell as a metaphor of Paradise. Eden means Garden, the protected space where Adam and Eve lived.

  3. Being enlightened and inspired by love is symbolized by the "Morning Blossom."

  4. Unity of two in one: the outline of the scissors resembles the one of the "androgen," the ancient Greek symbol of the unification of man and woman. According to myth, Zeus had split the androgen in two halves. Ever since, men and women have been looking for "the other half."

  5. Women and men both have to find their own "key to the heart." There are many, many things that could be said about "matching the key with the lock"...

  6. Reflection of the two figures in the golden pendulum is the symbol of the "stopped moment." "Freeze, the moment" said W. Goethe in one of his poems. The Golden age in the Roman Empire meant the time of Love, extracted from the regular calendar.

  7. The double spiral conch shell is a passionate love as a sexual attraction imprinted into the "double spiral" of men and women's chromosomes.

  8. Love is a celebration and romance through the two glasses filled with "heart inspiration." Toasting is customary when wishing each other moral and physical health.

  9. The intertwining of golden rings is a tradition and a ceremony of engagement. Love is a dance …

  10. The Purse is a symbol of unification and accumulation of Fortune: both material and spiritual.

  11. The new flower sprout appearing in the Garden of Eden is a symbol of genetic pattern and a new generation growing out of the "unity of hearts."

  12. Nostalgic golden leaves confessing to each other is a metaphor of never dying love.


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