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Michael Parkes - Limited Edition Aurographs/Giclees

The Art of the Aurographics/Giclee Collection


The Michael Parkes Aurographics/Giclee Collection brings fine museum quality reproductions of Michael Parkes’ work to a wider audience. The Collection includes mixed media prints, giclée prints, and other reproduction mediums. Michael works directly with the premier digital atelier in Europe to create high resolution digital images. At times, Michael will personally make changes directly in the digital imagery to make the giclée print unique. Other times, the original is reproduced exactly.


Giclée prints are accepted worldwide and are featured in prestigious museum collections, including those of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Museum of Modern Art.


The limited editions in the Collection represent the highest quality of giclée prints available. Since 2007, all of Michael Parkes giclées are printed at Re-Art in Amsterdam, one of the world’s premier digital fine art ateliers. Re-Art is setting the standard for giclée printing worldwide and has been chosen by the world-renowned Rijksmuseum, Teylers Museum (the oldest museum in Holland) and the Rembrandt House Museum for their very exacting and precise reproductions that they require.

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