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Rodd Ambroson - Bio

Monte Zufelt - Bio

Born in Farmington, NM on January 15, 1954. Monte's family relocated to California when he was five years old. He grew up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and at the age of 20, moved to Southern California where he remained for twenty two years.


He relocated to Colorado in 1995 and committed to his career as an artist. His only classroom teaching in sculpting was one semester at the junior college level and one semester at the Art Student's League in Denver.


Sculpting the human form was self taught.

"For me the expressions and communication of my work is not something that I see. It is something that I feel and cannot say in words. Their Creation is something that compels me from my very heart and soul, like a song that must be sung."


"The art forms of lost civilizations in many cases is all that remains and through that, it tells us much of who we were."


"What I express, from my perception, is who we are and a reflection of humanities future. In that time mankind will live in preace and in honor of themselves and each other collectively."


"It is my sincerest hope that my work will serve as a reminder of our purest intention. And when all of us remember, we shall have heaven on earth."

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