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Rahileh Rokhsari - Bio


I was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. My father is an artist and from an early age he encouraged me to practice painting in his art gallery. My professional art career however, started only after I graduated from the university with a Physics degree. Inspired by my father's art career, from then on I practiced different styles and techniques under the supervision of accomplished artists in Iran.

In 2007 I left Iran to experience living and painting in other countries. My first stop was India where painting snake charmers and street performers became my obsession. I spent few years in Southeast Asia and in 2011 made my way to Turkey.

Painting on the spot led me to discover various effects of light on colors in nature and forced me to summarize details due to lack of time while live painting. This was how I realized that I am more affected by colors than forms and lines. My paintings started to transform gradually and the taste of abstract became visible in them. Subject plays a central role in my paintings structure. I prefer to have real elements surrounded by abstract atmosphere. 

During my first travel to Turkey in 2011, I became familiar with Semazan dancing which has its roots in mystique Sufi philosophy and the teachings of Rumi, a 13th century Persian poet. The dissolution of form and self into unity that is exemplified by the spinning motion of the Semazan dancers is amplified by the real to abstract transformation of my paintings.

I continually observe how my technique and my paintings evolve from one to another and this gives me joy and a sense of adventure. I see myself in the middle of a story told in a novel. I know how it started and how I have reached here, and do not know where painting will take me next.  Ambassador scholarship, Winthrop University, US (for MFA/ studio painting), 2010

B.S. degree in Physics, Iran 1998.
Representation by City Art Gallery in Kuala Lumpur for three years 2008-2010
Participation by invitation in the following exhibitions
Multiple solo and group exhibitions in Iran including Mina Art Gallery and Sobhan Art Gallery 
2008 International Art Expo in Malaysia
MIA International Art Exhibition, Malaysia 2010 (certificate of appreciation)
National Day Art exhibition, Malaysia, 2010

Lead art instructor with art management certificate from Iran Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

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