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Ripples on the Ocean


The Ocean is a symbol of infinity. In ancient Indian myths, the ocean was a never-ending entity from which originated the earth and the rest of the world, the Cosmos. Chaotic behavior is characteristic of the ocean, the motion with which everything began. In this way, the wavy ocean is our subconscious and the source of creativity. Our internal sight freely hovers over the ocean and returns to the finite by a small margin.


“The soul calls upon one to sense the world and beckons the abstract back to within the borders of reality from its unbound journey through infinity.” - (F. Shiller)


Our perception of beauty originates from a combination of a strong harmonic start and the brute strength of chaos, the Ocean-dynamic System. The darkening blueness of the ocean approaching the horizon, a distant sailboat, and a ray slipping through the ripples on the water all intensify the picture’s motive of infinity and separation from human existence.

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