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Sabrina Souza Pinto

Contemplate the paintings of the artist Sabrina Souza Pinto is to make
a poetic trip through the memories of a childhood.

Brazilian, graduated in Industrial Design from Mackenzie College;
She has the gift of awakening with her art the child she has in each
person. The taste for paints and brushes appeared in childhood.

As the artist recalls: Since she was a child, she was very fond of
painting and drawing. She was very happy inside a paint shop. “I
made it from my room, my atelier, and I learned the art of painting
alone. I started painting faces and developed my art in the portraits to

But the girl who liked to paint almost left her passion in adulthood.
After graduating, she went to work in other areas, making clothes and

Her style of painting is a reflection of her sweet and delicate
personality, which makes her work unmistakable, and very unique.
Her favourite characters are women and children who get coloured
hair like cloth dolls in scenes full of tenderness.


Recent Exhibitions:

Club Transatlantico Alemao - Sao Paulo - BR


Brazilian Academy of Art - Sao Paulo - BR


Conrad Resort & Casino - Punta Del Este - UR


Centro Brasileiro Britanico - Sao Paulo - BR


Chapel Art Show - Sao Paulo - BR


International Fair of Padova - IT


Carroussel du Louvre - Paris - FR


Art Design Gallery – Miami, FL – USA


The Longworth Gallery - Santa Fe, NM. USA


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