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Steve Failows - Bio

Artist Steve Failows has taken a popular toy often found in gift shops and transformed it into a collectable art form sold in exclusive galleries around the country.


The fun and nostalgic nature of the kaleidoscope has fueled Steve's passion since he made his first in 1984. Each unique kaleidoscope is mounted on a "one of a kind" crystal, fossil, or burl pedestal. My ceramic kaleidoscopes vary in size from small turntable styles to grand floor models.


The majority of scopes have dual stained glass wheels and unusually wide viewing ports up to six inches wide, allowing for comfortable viewing with both eyes. All of my kaleidoscopes are joined to their pedestals with detailed hand soldered armatures and are removable for safe shipping.


"We don't stop playing because we grow old...                                           

... we grow old because we stop playing" 

- Steve Failows

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