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Lisa Rodgers and The Longworth Gallery

The Longworth Gallery is a homage to Longworth Road where our director Lisa Rodgers lived in Oxford, England. It is also a tribute to her late mother Evelyn Gladys Day, known to her friends as "Lady Longworth".


The Longworth Gallery is the next chapter for the owner and director  Lisa.  Lisa has been a professional equestrian, entrepreneur, and a survivor. She embraces all that life has to offer.


The artists featured at The Longworth Gallery are not strangers. We have longstanding relationships with the gifted individuals who have chosen us to represent them. We love their art!


The Longworth Gallery is also especially  honored to be the official, private gallery to feature the works of Vladimir Kush in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Winner of the 2011 Artistes Du Monde Best Painter Award at Cannes, Vladimir is acknowledged worldwide for his gifts.

Lisa and Bella.jpg

Lisa with her first Basset Hound, Bella

Eating a Cadbury's creme egg.

In Katy's garden.jpg

Lisa in Katie's garden in Haywards Heath, Sussex.

Me with Mum, John and Butch.jpg

Lisa with Mum, John and Butch in our garden.

me with Mum and John.jpg

The Longworth Gallery has its origins in my childhood on Longworth Road in Oxford England. Being raised by John Gordon Ash, producer of the Oxford Playhouse, and in the company of his best friend and fellow actor Frank Shelley, director of the Playhouse; they'd rehearse their theatre roles at home, then gather around mum's piano belting out show tunes interspersed with captivating stories.  

Daily we'd take the Bassets for their walks across Port Meadow; pausing intermittently, John would point out the Goblins and benevolent Witches that lived in the allotment sheds along Binsey Lane, and the Fairy circles alongside the Magic Wood across the Thames river - I was mesmorized!

John was responsible for my introduction and appreciation of the art of storytelling, whether regaled through words or visual arts it didn't matter. Front and centre stage though, was the grandeur of the indelible socialite, my late mother, Evelyn Gladys Day, known to friends far and wide as “Lady Longworth”. It is in her honour that The Longworth Gallery is named.

I started working with our artists in 2006 as a part time sales clerk. Together we developed a sincere friendship that, with their encouragement and support, enabled me to open my own gallery representing them about a decade ago.

With over 300 galleries in Santa Fe, The Longworth Gallery is unique in its representation of Visionary artists. Here you are surrounded by storytellers using metaphors, allegories and symbolism as their voice. This cerebral dimension complements the visual aesthetic and invites you, with their assistance if you wish, to expand your consciousness.

Honoured to represent internationally acclaimed artists such as Vladimir Kush with his Metaphorical Realism, and Michael Parkes and his Magical Realism, it is exciting to be able to provide a platform for debuting emerging artists.

As shared through the experiences of my childhood, this gallery invites you to be whisked away to a magical world, where you will find light, love, hope and optimism. As it was in my childhood home, The Longworth Gallery is, and will always continue to be a stage for artistic license and expression.


Mum scanned 1st February 2020081.jpg

Lisa's Mum

Mrs. Evelyn Day

The indelible

Lady Longworth


Lisa with Mum and John at the seaside.

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