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Born to Fly


12" x 15"


Symbolic of Autumn, the red and orange hues of the leaf metamorphosis into a golden butterfly - the symbol of the soul and inner beauty. The candle with the leaf as a flame, represents the solitary, quivering soul and its unquenchable light for us.

The white of the window curtain symbolizes innocence and purity. The opalescent milky colour of the shell also speaks of innocence for it is the colour of the soul that's presented in front of God. (See the painting by El Greco entitled The Burial of the Count of Orgaz). The shell also reminds us of our eternal development, the cyclic and circular quality of life, and about the hope of the people who keep in their memory the image and life of the ones who flew away.

We see the distant sail as a symbol of hope for a future filled with light. The heavenly shores just past the horizon reassure us about life eternal.

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