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It is our distinct honor here at The Longworth Gallery to represent and host some of the world's most talented artists. 

It is also our privilage to be able to offer as they become available, new works by our artists.

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Lisa Rodgers

Large Human Way.jpg

A Major New Release



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Mermaid-Dreaming 1.jpg
Dragonfly Diva 1.jpg

A New Release 

by Michael Parkes


Limited Edition Bronze

23” T x 16” W x 12” D

A New Release 

by Michael Parkes

Dragonfly Diva

Limited Edition Bronze

26” T x 17” W x 10” D

unnamed (3).jpg

A New Release 

by Michael Parkes

Sleeping Mermaid

Fine Art Edition on Canvas

Hand-Enhanced Large Edition  of 50 35" x 25"

  Hand-Enhanced Deluxe Edition of 10 40" x 29"




A New Release 

by Michael Parkes


Limited Edition Bronze

6” T x 3” W x 5” D

A New Release by Michael Parkes

The Dragons

"Sometimes things just happen in a strange way. Firstly, many people asked if the little dragon from 'Ex Libris'could be cast separately as a small sculpture.


He became 'Rex Libris'.


Secondly, someone challenged me to make a series of small dragons that were completely unique but could be shown together as a group. And I love a challenge. I realized that the designs had already been created. For years, during book signings, I would make little fantasy dragon drawings for the children who wanted their books signed. These sculptures are a reflection of those children's' drawings.


Each dragon represents a gift".


-Michael Parkes.

Dragon Dragon.jpg
Dragon Dragon Red.jpg
Dragon Rex Libris.jpg
Dragon Rex Libris Red.jpg

Dragon Dragon available in Red & Green patina

Rex Libris available in Red & Green patina

Dragong Moonbeam Red.jpg
Dragon Moonbeam.jpg
rose play red.jpg
rose play green.jpg

Dragon Moonbeam available in Red & Green patina

Rose Play available in Red & Green patina

Dragon Heart.jpg
embraceable you green.jpg
embraceableyou red.jpg

Dragon Heart

Embraceable You available in Red & Green patina

Laughing Dragon Red.jpg
Laughing Dragon.jpg

Laughing Dragon available in Red & Green patina

unnamed (5).jpg

Shou Sugi Ban 

Wall Sculptures

The Four Seasons Series

By John Arenskov

Sold individually or as a set. Shown: 15" x 35" each

Custom dimensions welcomed.

The term "Shou-Sugi-Ban" is an ancient Japanese holistic wood burning technique.  


Japanese craftsmen always looking for a finish that would also increase durability and beauty made use of all kinds of burnt wood.


Japanese craftsman looked to weathering processes to achieve that atheistic . Fire came to the rescue and provided what they needed. The heat provides a natural preservative, at the same time giving a  unique, artistic dimension. 

Wildfire California Nebular LR Lights on

Wildfire - room lights on

Andromeda lights on LR.jpg

Next Door Neighbours

room lights on

A Star is Born LR Lights on.jpg

A Star is Born

room lights on

Wildfire California Nebular LR Lights of

Wildfire - room lights off

Andromeda lights off LR.jpg

Next Door Neighbours

room lights off

A Star is Born 30x48 LR.jpg

A Star is Born

room lights on

New Releases 

by Debra Lynn

Deborah’s process of painting is inspired by the old Dutch Masters. She uses their technique of multiple layers of glazes to achieve rich vibrant colours that have life of their own.


Her nebulous and galaxies can have up to 15 to 20 layers of glazes. Then she becomes her own alchemist as she creates her own phosphorescent paint from a strontium aluminate powder.


This element is what absorbs the light during the day to release it through the night into your homes for your pleasure. The strontium aluminate is combined with europeine and creates the longest lasting photo luminescent phosphorescence, yet known.

The result is a single painting with two aspects.

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