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Lisa Rodgers

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Fantasy ghost ship: Appears in the poem Airship by Mikhail Lermontov describing a fanciful journey and miraculous posthumous apparition of the Emperor Napoleon who died and was buried on the island of St Helena in the Atlantic ocean in 1821. The story mentions a ghost-ship that is speeding to its shores every year on the anniversary of the deposed monarch's death.


The Flying Dutchman (De Vliegende Hollander): A legendary ghost ship that is doomed to sail forever, never making it to the shore. It is usually seen from afar, sometimes in a halo of light. According to the legend, when the Flying Dutchman comes across another vessel, its crew tries to communicate and send messages ashore addressed to the people who have been long gone. Such a meeting was regarded as a bad omen among the seafarers.


Cutty Sark: The word 'sark' is Scots for 'short chemise' and cutty suggests that it is far too short. The nickname refers to the famous Scottish Witch Nannie Dee whose figure is gracing the bow of the vessel (a half-naked young woman clutching a horse's tail). The owner John Willis decided to use it for a new clipper he ordered after seeing a painting of a flying young Witch in a nightie - the heroine of the poem Tam O'Shanter by Robert Burns.

The fantasy element in the painting is undeniable: the very ship, its sails and more unexpectedly, its masts, are all formed by the wings and bodies of the giant dragonflies! We see clearly the 'sailors' sliding swiftly up and down as they set the unusual sails at the captain's command. We see those fantastic sails shining with a cold luster and a seasoned navigator at the bow watching closely for any suspicious maneuvers of the other ships out at sea. Strengthening the sense of an intense vigil are the 'oculus' wings on both sides of the rostrum! 


To continue the flight of fantasy we could trace an analogy between this undoubtedly aggressive (dragonfly - 'flying dragon') clipper and a pirate ship - note the Jolly Roger among the flying flags. It is certainly very different from the 'peaceful' butterfly ship by the artist, Departure of the  Winged Ship.

Large Human Way.jpg

A Major New Release



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Ocean Roar



This painting conveys a range of human emotions. The raging ocean is like the roar of a thousand lions, awakened in a dense jungle and rising to meet unexpected intruders. The pacified ocean is like a cub with eyes shut and head resting peacefully on outstretched paws. Careful if you wake the lion. Emotions are a part of the human experience. We can be quickly agitated and just as quickly calmed by the right word, phrase or action. Passion, whether for a topic or a person - can be volatile. Contentment and calm can be its reward.

Opium Lovers Bronzw 17x16 x7.jpg

Opium Lovers



In art, the poppy plant is an emblem of the gods of sleep (Hypnos), of dreams (Morpheus), and allegory of Night. This symbolism is founded on the poppy's properties. It used to grow as a wildflower in Greece and has been used for herbal tincture since ancient times. The idea of this sculpture is connected with another artwork of the artist called Walnut of Eden. While the latter reflects the state of paradise for Man, Opium Lovers reflects the state of Man after the fall into sin. This is the French poet Charles Baudelaire's Flowers of Evil, sprouted on the field of world disharmony. All the world illnesses first affect art. "There is the beauty, unknown to the ancient people," Baudelaire wrote. What is this beauty? It is a human as he is, with all his good and evil. This is the world of his dreams and visions. Other artists have expressed similar themes: for example Picasso's Absent Lover is absolutely detached from the outside world and submerged into the world of her own reveries.

Going Nowhere.jpg

A New Release 

by Michael Parkes

Going Nowhere

Fine Art Edition on Canvas

Collectors Edition 36" x 28.5"
Edition of 25

Signed & Numbered


Limited Time




A New Release 

by Michael Parkes


Limited Edition Bronze

6” T x 3” W x 5” D

New Releases by

Claudio Sousa Pinto


DAY BY DAY JPG - cópia.jpeg

Day by Day

Last Chance jpg.jpg

Last Chance

NIGHT AND DAY jpg 1.jpeg

Day by Day

magic dream  - cópia 2.jpeg

Magic Dreams

new world colors .jpeg

New World Colors

up and down .jpeg

Up and Down

salvando mundo .jpeg

Saving the World

Blue Rose - cópia.jpeg
You and I  - cópia.jpeg

Blue Rose

You and I


Our World

Passionate .jpeg


free love .jpeg

Free Love

unnamed (11).jpg

Fire by Night

unnamed (14).jpg

A Time to Reflect


unnamed (16).jpg

Space Jelly

unnamed (15).jpg

In a Heart Beat

unnamed (12).jpg

Unexplainable Mystery


unnamed (13).jpg

By Grand Design

New Releases by


Debra Lynn

Deborah’s process of painting is inspired by the old Dutch Masters. She uses their technique of multiple layers of glazes to achieve rich vibrant colours that have life of their own.


Her nebulous and galaxies can have up to 15 to 20 layers of glazes. Then she becomes her own alchemist as she creates her own phosphorescent paint from a strontium aluminate powder.


This element is what absorbs the light during the day to release it through the night into your homes for your pleasure. The strontium aluminate is combined with europeine and creates the longest lasting photo luminescent phosphorescence, yet known.

The result is a single painting with two aspects.

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New Release by

Sandi Lear


Water Colour

18" x 24"

"The purity of emotion felt by a parent for their young is singular, deep, soul-felt, almost a rapturous anguish, breathing in the scent of the new born, helping them take their first steps, enfolding them in our love when they hurt or are unsure or afraid.  Not only do we love, we cherish, which is to nurture, be-love the other, offer patience and watch over them.  With these heart-felt emotions and wealth of feeling, our young grow strong, stable, adventurous, but deeply respectful of all our hearts and minds can provide.  Together that special bond of parent and child becomes unassailable through all life's tribulations and joys."

Select image to see more of Sandi's art.


Shou Sugi Ban 

Wall Sculptures

The Four Seasons Series By


John Arenskov

Sold individually or as a set. Shown: 15" x 35" each

Custom dimensions welcomed.

The term "Shou-Sugi-Ban" is an ancient Japanese holistic wood burning technique.  


Japanese craftsmen always looking for a finish that would also increase durability and beauty made use of all kinds of burnt wood.


Japanese craftsman looked to weathering processes to achieve that atheistic . Fire came to the rescue and provided what they needed. The heat provides a natural preservative, at the same time giving a  unique, artistic dimension. 

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