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Guest Artist​

Kathleen Piccione


Kathleen's early love of realism was influenced by such artists as James Bama and John Waterhouse . Mostly self- taught from an early age, she became proficient in black and white mediums preferring graphite, charcoal, and ink over paint. She gradually moved into color mediums working in color pencil then finally delving into acrylics and oils. As a portrait artist in her 20's she did extensive commissioned work for clients focusing on people, pets, and equine art.


Her close ties to native people and culture, as well as her own Chippewa ancestry has given her the desire to create meaningful pieces depicting the spiritual side of native people, southwest genre, and the animals and wildlife that are dearest to her heart.


Kathleen's work has won various awards and has been shown in galleries in Wisconsin, Utah, Nevada, Illinois and New Mexico and is also in various private collections. Her murals are throughout the U.S.


Artist's statement- " I feel people connect with a particular painting or creation not so much by what they see but by the feeling or the energy that emanates from a particular piece. As an artist, I must be in tune with myself and my subject if I intend to create a piece that will draw the viewer in and touch their heart."

Guest Artist​


f (2) (1).jpg
Infinite LR.jpg

Infinite 30" x 38"

Dreamy LR.jpg

Dreamy  30" x  40"

Boundless LR.jpg

Boundless 36" x  48"

Unlimited LR.jpg

Unlimited 30" x 48"

The creative talent of Oryan is altering the Art World with his unprecedented LIQUID FUSION technique. Highly textured canvases, multiple layers, explosions of colour, all expertly contained under a mesmerizing, high-gloss finish.  The stunning results have collectors from around the world asking for more LIQUID FUSION.  Oryan’s paintings include the traditional and the unexpected:  acrylic paint, crushed crystals, ground quartz, and translucent micas.  Oryan uses paintbrushes, blow-torches, gravity and his bare hands to coax the colours and substances multi-directionally each singular layer at a time. Every completed painting is the result of 20-30 layers of artistic application and complexity.  Due to the volatility of the components, Oryan must prepare and complete each individual layer in an uninterrupted flow of artistic focus.  Each stage has its own unique demands as the materials used alternately repel and blend with each other, requiring immense attention and immediate execution.It is extremely rare that an artist invents an entirely new method to convey his inner vision onto canvas.  But Oryan has managed to forge an exceptional technique that others are now trying to emulate and decipher.  Enjoy the artwork and dive into LIQUID FUSION for yourself!

unnamed (4).jpg

This portrait depicts a powerful and striking Friesian horse. I enjoyed the challenge of capturing his strong presence and also the intricate bridle that he is wearing. He truly is Majestic!

Black Majesty

by Kathleen Piccione

Original Oil on Canvas

30" x 48"