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"A Double Dose of Water Colour" 



Sandi Lear & Charles Frizzell

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Guest Artist


John Ross Mac Kimmie

Stellar View 18" x 24" - SOLD

Beyond Space and Time 18" x 24"

Guest Artist​


Infinite LR.jpg

Infinite 30" x 38"

Dreamy LR.jpg

Dreamy  30" x  40"

Unlimited LR.jpg

Unlimited 30" x 48"

Boundless LR.jpg

Portals to Beyond 24" x 30"

Boundless 36" x  48"

The Way is Open The Path is Lit  18" x 24"

The creative talent of Oryan is altering the Art World with his unprecedented LIQUID FUSION technique. Highly textured canvases, multiple layers, explosions of colour, all expertly contained under a mesmerizing, high-gloss finish.  The stunning results have collectors from around the world asking for more LIQUID FUSION.  Oryan’s paintings include the traditional and the unexpected:  acrylic paint, crushed crystals, ground quartz, and translucent micas.  Oryan uses paintbrushes, blow-torches, gravity and his bare hands to coax the colours and substances multi-directionally each singular layer at a time. Every completed painting is the result of 20-30 layers of artistic application and complexity.  Due to the volatility of the components, Oryan must prepare and complete each individual layer in an uninterrupted flow of artistic focus.  Each stage has its own unique demands as the materials used alternately repel and blend with each other, requiring immense attention and immediate execution.It is extremely rare that an artist invents an entirely new method to convey his inner vision onto canvas.  But Oryan has managed to forge an exceptional technique that others are now trying to emulate and decipher.  Enjoy the artwork and dive into LIQUID FUSION for yourself!

I have been living and creating my art in Western Massachusetts since 1984 when I first came here to study with my mentor and friend. I have been represented by a few different galleries in the past, one in Los Angeles. California and another in the New Jersey/New York city area. I was also represented by R. Michelson Galleries of Amherst and Northampton Massachusetts during the 1990's.


My artwork tends to have a spiritual, mystical feel to it, as I often reflect on the unseen and mysterious in this life. Certain individuals have told me that my art has a beneficial, uplifting effect on them which could be the result of the combinations of the designs and colours within the work. At the very least I would hope that my art gets people thinking outside the box of normal reality a bit more. Mostly though, I really enjoy creating fun, colourful, elaborate images by combining different geometric shapes, patterns and designs from different world cultures, but mostly from my own Scottish/Celtic background. 


I'm particularly intrigued by intricate Celtic knotwork art. Also, I have always been a bit obsessed by the infinity of the universe and the  "enigma" of space/time.....or more to the point for me, what I believe 

may lie beyond linear space and time. The endless number of star systems and galaxies is very humbling to me and truly beyond words.

 And it seems to want to manifest in my artwork continuously.


About Making the Art:

Many people who have observed my work have asked if what they're seeing is a print or if it is digitally created. Definitely not. In fact, I am rather "old school" in my approach to rendering an original piece. My ideas are roughly sketched out on a large drawing pad. Once I'm comfortable with an initial working composition (which can take a while sometimes), I start an elaborate pencil drawing on either a canvas or wooden masonite panel surface. Then, once I'm satisfied with that finalized drawing, I start in with the basic under painting. 


I use Liquitex acrylics, which I have been using for years. I basically work as a traditional oil painter would and start with the background and usually work forward and from the darkest colours to the lightest. I spend many, many hours on each piece, constantly refining the details and adding many layers of paint to highlight to a brightness (I call it polishing) that contrasts with the dark and shadow areas. My goal is to have the art really come to life and almost "jump out" at the viewer. 


Depending on size each piece takes approximately 2-4 months to complete. Once completed, the art is finished with a high gloss varnish.


I hope you enjoy my art.


John Ross Mac Kimmie.

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