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Toward A More Perfect Union Limestone 45x12x9inches.jpg

Toward a More Perfect Union

by George Cappannelli

New Artist

George Cappannelli

Photograph of George.webp

I did not discover my love of sculpting until I was in my mid-thirties.  Before that I believed I had no skill whatsoever in this art form.  Nor did I believe I could draw or paint.  Instead, words were my medium – both prose and poetry- and I also was privileged to produce and direct film, television and some theatrical events for which I received 2 Regional Emmy Awards and numerous International Film and Television Awards. 

Through a gift of grace, however, I was introduced to sculpting and in a relatively short time it became my primary focus and thankfully it has remained an important part of my life ever since. 

As a sculptor, I seek to rediscover the purity and honesty of art carved and modeled by hand.  And while I am grateful when my work receives attention and is deemed to have value,  what is of paramount importance to me, is that

I listen to the call of my heart and remain true to the  promptings of my soul. 

For in this way, I occasionally have the privilege of touching beauty, easing back the curtain a little on the human mystery, and when I am particularly fortunate, catching a glimpse of the sacred.  I believe this is my birthright and yours and also our responsibility. For creativity and our capacity to love, from my perspective, constitute the best and highest use of our gifts and time here on this physical plane.

The Two Graces.jpg

The Two Graces

by George Cappannelli

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