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Outliers 17 x 29.jpg


by Charles Frizzell

“Outlier … something that lies outside the main body or group that it is a part of, as a distant island belonging to a cluster of islands.”

The planet below had become toxic. Much of the life supporting capacity had been used up, or been polluted to the point of poison. The alternative was off planet industry and housing for a great deal of the population, as well as for the industry of this world. There was still areas of population on the planet, but even they were becoming less liveable.

The huge off planet station here has both industry and living space, and orbits the home planet with it's own satellites; the homes of many who can afford the luxury of their own homes with a view. Huge crystals from the planet were perfect building materials, and some, the lower greenish ones, power the limited cocoon of oxygen and warmth for the inhabitants, while other crystal slabs form the upper parts of the homes of the inhabitants. The commute to the main station is by the 'cars' docked at each home. These are truly homes with a “360 degree view” as many real estate agents promote.

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