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Vladimir Kush

Michael Parkes - Sculptures


The Art of Sculpture


Michael uses the ancient technique of lost wax for all of his sculptures. See " lost wax " in wikipedia. From the beginning of the first sketches of a sculpture idea to the final, first cast piece, it can take up to 6 months of work. After doing many sketches of ideas, Michael will take the one that he likes the most and translate it into a three dimensional image in wax. Clay is used for the larger sculptures. Detail work on the wax pieces is done with a covering of harder wax that can be carved if necessary. All of the work, from the beginning of carving the wax to applying the finished patina is very labor and time intensive. Until recently, Michael worked in Tuscany, Italy, using the Marinelli foundry. Michael now works with Piero Mussi and Family at the world famous Art Works Foundry in Berkeley, California.

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